Who’s the best dog? by Eric A

Key & Peele – Alien Imposters by Comedy Central

Dredd: The Musical by legolambs

Destiny Review from The Escapist

the vast majority of my experience with Destiny has felt more like a slog than a laugh. The story, as much as there is one, failed completely to draw me in, possibly because the tiny handful of distinguishable characters were really into the narrative but forgot to explain much of it to me. __________ This is the same experience that I’ve had as well. it’s a shame, because the first halo game had a very well done story that made some damn sense.

If Girls Proposed to Guys by fatawesome

Artificial sweeteners may kill you

SO sweet. SO SO SWEET.

Complete set of Batmobile images

These are the best images so far of the batmobile in the new film, the one they have in the screenshot? pure sexy.

Comic Con 2014 Montréal – Cosplay Music Video by Orange | Agence marketing by Le Groupe Orange

Destiny: Abridged Plot Synopsis (No Spoilers) by Matt Lees

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