Star Wars: Rebels Full Trailer is a confusing mess

so I guess they’re going to just forget that there were no jedi left after the purge until Luke?

World War B

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Halo: the Master Chief Collection – Terminal Trailer

Portal Turrets Perform the GOT Theme

via GAS

Robot Chicken – Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Night Crew

Star Dance

They mention twerking, but there’s actually no twerking going on here. sad.

Star Wars Musical

Harley-Davidson Project LiveWire Brings Power To Bikers

Sounds like the bike from the first JJ Star Trek movie.

LEGO Star Wars – No Life Forms Aboard

The Writing’s On The Wall

I’ve been a fan of these guys since they started these cool projects, in this one, they’ve created a warehouse filled with illusions which implode when the camera moves.

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Project Wonderful