Youngest mother ever to give birth?

5 years old!

medina Youngest mother ever to give birth?

There are always some kinds of records that you just can’t believe. These cases are outside the borders of rational thinking. The youngest mother was a 5 year old Peruvian girl.

…her doctors were stunned as she had been having regular periods since the age of three. According to her doctor, Escomel, she had an extraordinary hormonal disorder of the pituitary gland.

…His [Gerardo] reported birth weight after being delivered by C-section at full term was 6 lbs and he lived a completely healthy life until the bone disease occurred.Lina herself went on to marry and had a second child a full 33 years later, producing another healthy baby boy.

Found on Science Roll
This is stunning. Too bad there was no knowledge of DNA in the 30s. Somebody (other than the molester) knew who did this. Anyone who would molest a 5 year old had probably molested other extremely young children. In a small village…someone knew. I wonder what that piece of shit felt when he realized the girl was actually pregnant. That could certainly not have been an expected consequence.


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  1. tiki god Nov 16th, 2008 21:28

    I’ve heard of this story, but never really thought about the person that impregnated her, I guess I just assumed it was some kind of divine pregnancy. ugh, the things people will do to get their jollies. We can just hope this scared him off from doing anything in the future 🙁

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  3. Michelle Nov 28th, 2008 12:30

    i dont think this is possible you would have to have your period in order to get pregnet and i really dont think she got hers at 5 and on top of that she dont even look 5 years old who ever desided to make this unbeleiveable story is f***in sick and must have way to much time on there hands…

    have a good one, and please to the one that wrote this ~GET A JOB AND STOP WASTING YOUR TIME~

  4. nyoki Nov 28th, 2008 12:39

    If you read the original article, you would see that she had been getting her period since the age of 3. Feel free to click on the link to get all the details.

  5. victory Nov 20th, 2012 10:57

    It is not posible until u are 11

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