Gay Teen Worried He Might Be Christian

Picture 22 Gay Teen Worried He Might Be Christian

LOUISVILLE, KY—At first glance, high school senior Lucas Faber, 18, seems like any ordinary gay teen. He’s a member of his school’s swing choir, enjoys shopping at the mall, and has sex with other males his age. But lately, a growing worry has begun to plague this young gay man. A gnawing feeling that, deep down, he may be a fundamentalist, right-wing Christian.

via Gay Teen Worried He Might Be Christian | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source.

oh haha.  you see the humor here?  because christians can’t be gay.


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  1. TGGeko Jan 12th, 2010 23:23

    Reversal irony, always funny.

  2. nyokki Jan 12th, 2010 23:49

    I love The Onion.

  3. Puulaahi Jan 13th, 2010 0:07

    I hope he gets interviewed by Sarah Palin. 😉

  4. Trey Jun 26th, 2011 18:34

    This troubles me deeply, I am a born again Gay christian and It is sad that the church has made the majority of the gay community feels this way about being a christian. God loves us regardless of who we are. Lucas being a believer is so rewarding. You will be put down and ridiculed by the church for the rest of your life but just know that there are still real christians out there that do not judge. I thought i would never find a church out there that would accept me for being gay. But the lord has truly blessed me and I now attend a church were one day when i can get married in my state my pastor will do it in the church that i am a member of…. Just keep your head up high and don’t ever lose faith and trust in God.

    • tiki god Jun 27th, 2011 9:10

      I’m sorry that you feel your invisible sky lord is a good reason to give up on free thought and self respect.

      Happy to see you found some like-minded idiots though!

  5. Mariah Dec 3rd, 2014 7:21

    If this post is serious and not some stupid joke then ya dude you should except God and Jesus into your heart and let him take over your heart, mind and soul on a pathway to liveing a better life knowing Jesus died for all sinners to wash away their sins and to remake you into a new creation as the Holey Spirit slowly guides you and helps you as a bewborn baby in Christ! He is the way, the truth and the life to set you free of your sins that bind you to Judgement and Death as well as hell wich all can be avoided if you except the teachings of Jesus and God! The binds and shakles that trap you will set you free in a pathway to Rightousness, and holiness and eventually purity if you devote yourself to your true creator and a God and Jesus who will love you more than any other person could!

    • tiki god (Admin) Dec 8th, 2014 14:48

      are you not familiar with the Onion? it’s about as real and serious as Christ is.

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