Avengers Movie line up revealed!

tonystark facemask avengers img Avengers Movie line up revealed!
Iron Man Officially Joins Marvel’s Avengers Line-Up! « FirstShowing.net

It’s now official. Tony Stark aka Iron Man has officially joined The Avengers. Marvel has announced today (the full press release can be found on SuperHeroHype) that Robert Downey Jr. will appear in both Iron Man 2 and The Avengers as Tony Stark, with Jon Favreau set to direct Iron Man 2 and executive produce The Avengers. Additionally, Marvel confirms the announcement made a few weeks ago surrounding Don Cheadle replacing Terrence Howard as Col. James “Rhodey” Rhodes. Cheadle is officially signed on to appear in Iron Man 2 and other Iron Man sequels (and presumably spin-offs) as well as The Avengers. Additionally, Marvel confirms that the full line-up will include: Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, the Hulk and more. Sounds like every comic book geek’s wildest dreams are finally coming true!

OMG.  I think I might faint!

Similar Face carvings in two separate locations in Henry Crater?

2983456648 906dcd166e Similar Face carvings in two separate locations in Henry Crater?

Similar Face carvings in two separate locations in Henry Crater, Group-A and Group-B show how these two locations separated by a few miles hold almost Identical Artifacts with the same directional composition, Each face has their own character features, nose and hair.

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Seriously? Once I realized I was supposed to be seeing profiles of faces; I could sorta-kinda see it. However, I would not say it was obvious. Where do these loonies come from?

Windows 7 Details from engadget

10 28 08w7desktop Windows 7 Details from engadget

Windows 7 details galore: interface tweaks, netbook builds, Media Center enhancements – Engadget

Obviously, the big news is the new taskbar, which forgoes text for icons and has new “jump lists” of app controls and options you can access with a right-click. You can select playlists in Media Player, for example. Super cool: when you scrub over the icons, all the other app windows go transparent so you can “peek” at the windows you’re pointing at.

Obviously MS has a lot banking on windows7, but I’m not seeing very much that’s adding to my XP experiences.  And that big that I quoted there is actually a game stopper for me.  No way am I going to run a machine that I have to hover over every icon to see what’s open in each program.  Please please please MS, make this eye candy crap optional.  I’ve hated it in Vista, I’ve hated it in Ubuntu, and every time I turn around everyone’s trying to slap it into their programs, sometimes without an off button.

Also: I hate transparency for windows.  Does anyone actually like/use it?  I find that it just confounds me more then it helps me.

Minefield = New Firefox?

Slashdot | Minefield Shows the (Really) Fast Future of Firefox

“If you are using Firefox 3 (or even Chrome) you should consider taking a look at Mozilla’s Minefield. This browser (alpha version yet, but stable) would give a new meaning to ‘fast browsing experience.’ Some Firefox extensions aren’t supported, but riding the fastest javascript engine on the planet definitely worth a try. Minefield’s install won’t affect your Firefox, so there’s no risk trying it. It’s fast. Really. And I’m loving it.”

Reading about all these new browsers and internet programs makes me think back to why I switched from IE to FF.  I had a need to.  IE wasn’t working right, and it lacked some serious features that FF offered.  I’m happy with FF and don’t have a need to switch to another browser.  Even if the new ones is “blisteringly fast”, I’m perfectly happy with FF.