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Blanton’s The Original Single-Barrel Bourbon

blantons boubon whiskey Blantons The Original Single Barrel Bourbon

The finest bourbon in the world comes from a single barrel. That’s the way Colonel Albert B. Blanton first bottled his private reserve bourbon nearly a century ago. Blanton believed the “center-cut” or middle sections of Warehouse H were the best for aging his bourbon. Personally tasting and choosing each barrel, these barrels were reserved and bottled for ambassadors, dignitaries, family and friends becoming the world’s first single barrel bourbon. His time honored tradition lives on today as only a handful of barrels from the center of Warehouse H are selected to become Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon.

Had some of the a couple weeks ago at a buddy’s batchelor party, and holy crap is it the most smooth, tasty Bourbon I’ve ever had in my entire damn life. It’s too expensive for casual drinking, but if you have the opportunity, I would HIGHLY suggest you try it.
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Dating Service Commercial

I met the love of my life on the internet. our first date went a fair bit better then theirs though. Do you have any fun internet dating stories?

The Gentlemen’s Rant: Bars

The Flip Side

Glass Tommy Gun 18-Inch Vase

glass tommy gun vase Glass Tommy Gun 18 Inch Vase

Glass Tommy Gun 18-Inch Vase:

Add some mobster flair to any room of your home!
Holds 22oz of liquid.
Includes cork!

This handsome Glass Tommy Gun is just the thing to give your home a little mobster hit man flair. Each 18-inch tall transparent glass gun holds approximately 22oz of liquid and comes with a cork in the end of the barrel. Makes a great vase, decanter or urn! Order yours today!

Looks like a nice shooter to me.  Get it?  Shooter?  Cause it’s a gun, right?

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The Centurion Challenge

I don’t know about the Centurion Challenge, but I know the “Hour of Power” is impossible, I’ve tried it myself and never even got half way through.

Portal 2 Cocktails: When Life Gives You Vodka and Rum…

portal 2 cocktails Portal 2 Cocktails: When Life Gives You Vodka and Rum…

Ever drink too much and feel like you’ve gone through a portal? Yeah, I think we’ve all been there. So your alcoholic beverages might as well look the part. This drink is made to look like the the two colored portals from the amazing game Portal 2.

instructions on how to make it: Portal 2 Cocktails: When Life Gives You Vodka and Rum… – Technabob.

Shot Glass Checkers Set – Full Sized

shot glass checkers33214 500x500 Shot Glass Checkers Set   Full Sized

In shot glass checkers the only thing you need to know is get jumped you drink, get crowned – drink twice, and no matter who wins you’re bound to have a great time! A great game for parties, this shot glass checkers set includes a 14" x 14" glass checker board with rubber feet, and 13 clear and 13 frosted full-sized 1oz shot glasses. In this sport tag teams are recommended, and always remember to drink responsibly. Gift boxed.

oh this looks like a dangerous game.
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I Passed The Bar Exam

barexamdesign I Passed The Bar Exam

I Passed The Bar Exam
Licensed to practice drunkeness!

– 100% Cotton T-Shirt
– High Quality Screen Printed
– In Stock for Fast Shipment
– Available in Men & Women Sizes
– Buy any 3 Tees and Get the 4th Free!
– Save Big! Buy any 10 Tees for $99.99



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