Dog Stops Baby’s Temper Tantrum

Elephants aid skeptical Missourians in tornado cleanup

The Piccadilly Circus was in Joplin, Missouri when the tornado hit. Wanting help out somehow, the circus volunteered their elephants to join in the cleanup, but from the sound of things, many Joplin residents would have preferred one of them newfangled internal combustion machines instead.

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A Doggie Whodunnit

if only it were this easy to tell at my place. I have two dogs AND two cats, all of which are happy to hop into the trash can when opportunity supplies.

We caught the pizza thief

Wind vs. ducks

A family of ducks!

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Possum Throwing

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals says they will talk to the school – Colyton School in Manawatu – after they held the contest on September 12 in which pupils picked up possum corpses by the tail and hurled them as far as they could.
280692 ever seen possum before Possum Throwing
While possums are a protected species in neighbouring Australia, in New Zealand – to which they are not native – they’re regarded as a pest.

But the school he experienced a backlash against the possum-tossing since pictures of the event appeared in a local newspaper last week. Critics say that the event teaches children to disrespect animals.

‘While it’s technically not illegal, it’s morally wrong to throw a dead animal around,’ the SPCA’s Danny Auger said to the Manawatu Standard. ‘It’s about time that people wake up and smell 2010 and realise that these sorts of things shouldn’t be happening.’

The school’s principal insisted that the possum-throwing helped teach children how to humanely destroy possums, and was part of ‘letting kids be kids’.

Helps children learn how to humanely destroy possums? Seriously? Wow.

dog on turtle

Yawning in front of your dog may lead to dog yawns

yorkie yawn web Yawning in front of your dog may lead to dog yawns

A recent study by the University of London has suggested that the “contagiousness” of yawns by a human will pass to dogs. The study observed that 21 of 29 dogs yawned when a stranger yawned in front of them, but did not yawn when the stranger only opened his mouth.[33]

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Trainer Killed By Orca At Sea World Orlando

Eye Witness Account:

Sea World Response:

The Whales Story:

Orcas are hunters that should be out in nature free to hunt. Not in a pool like a prison doing stupid tricks for profit. Trainers have died and will continue to.

impossible gate

41J8q8JZ86L. SL500 AA280  impossible gate

I’m shopping for a gate to keep my dogs in the right room while I’m at work, and ran into this one.  If you’ve ever owned a small dog, or have even seen one playing around at the dog park, something might seem a bit off about this particular gate. Four Paws Walk Over Wooden Gate for Small Pets: Home & Garden.


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