Soccer Goal Celebrations Made Awesome with Special FX 

Halo 4’s music composed by Neil Davidge

Dungeon Defenders adding Penny Arcade skins; free at PAX East

dungeondefenderspax Dungeon Defenders adding Penny Arcade skins; free at PAX East

Dungeon Defenders gets into the PAX East spirit this Friday with a Penny Arcade-themed character skin pack. The DLC will be available for free during PAX East at the Reverb Publishing booth (808) or online for $1.99.

I have to say, in the last year, Dungeon Defenders has been one of the best games that I’ve had the honor of purchasing. Penny-Arcade is one of my favorite webcomics, so the joining of the two is a dead sure sale for me…

via Joystiq.

New Mini Ninjas game?

minininjasmain1 530x298 500x281 New Mini Ninjas game?

This would make me very happy, I loved the first one, it was just enough cheesey to make it enjoyable.

A European trademark filing suggests the publisher is developing a new Mini Ninjas game, titled Mini Ninjas: Hiro’s Adventure.

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Mass Effect 3 – Blackout

because, boobs.

Angry Birds Space trailer, brought to you by NASA

Portal Wheatley Flashlight

wheatley flash light Portal Wheatley Flashlight

While Wheatley from Portal might be a bit dim, the Portal Wheatley LED Flash Light certainly is not. This mighty mini is finely detailed, with movable handles. On top of the core is a button, and when you press it, Wheatley’s blue eye comes to life and lights your way!

Just like the real Wheatley, this flashlight will come in handy as you try escape a darkened testing facility. Of course, you’ll want to be sure to have him firmly in hand should you pass by the Central AI Chamber. We really don’t need him taking over the Enrichment Center again, do we? Includes 3x "AG13 (LR44)" batteries. Ages 18 and up.

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Mass Effect 3 – Take Back Earth with FEMSHEP

I played 1 and 2 with Femshep. shitfuck she was hot.

Portal Bookends

AUTOIMAGES TG8E9CClg Portal Bookends

portal bookends

These officially licensed Portal Bookends not only feature test subjects going through orange and blue portals, but they also really, actually, pretty much keep your books in order! The left side features half of a test subject going through an orange portal while the right side features the other half of the test subject coming out the blue portal. Bookends make for a great conversation starter! Imagine all the great conversations this piece will inspire! Don’t be the guy or gal that misses out on this slick pair of Portal bookends. If you happen to be a test subject at Aperture Science, you’re probably going to need these anyway. Bookends measure 5-inches tall x 4-inches wide x 2 1/4-inches long.

via Entertainment Earth.

Wrong Brother?