Make Your Own Life Sized Portal Turret

portal turret 500x370 Make Your Own Life Sized Portal Turret

Have a spare 200 hours of your life laying around and “hundreds of dollars”? You can build your own Portal Turret!

Mass Effect – Dan Bull

Skyrim Makes You AWESOME DANCE

Part 2 – The Wheatley Song

I just thought of a hilariously awesome Portal 2 tie in item: Space Core x-mas lights. with bonus mini turrets!


You too can get armor for your horse for only 500 msp!

IRL GoldenEye 64

This is pretty cool looking, right? You know how many hours I spent on this game? dozens, if not hundreds.

Introducing the 8-Bitty controller

12 02 13 8bitty 500x290 Introducing the 8 Bitty controller

We’ll cut right to the chase: this image is not photoshopped.

Yes, it’s a handheld video game controller in the classic style 8-bit style you know and love–but now it’s for your iPad or iPhone, no console or cartridges required. And it exists IRL.

We’re calling it the iCADE 8-Bitty. It pairs wirelessly just like our iCADE, and it’s compatible with a growing list of hundreds of retro game apps, including the Atari Classics collection, Pac Man, Super Mega Worm, and more (see full list). Because the 8-Bitty uses a completely open interface system, any app developer can easily add game support–even to Android devices.

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FemShep Finally Gets Facetime

I played through the first two as femshep, and I’m happy to see her get some trailer love.
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Mass Effect 3 on FemShep Finally Gets Facetime

Skyrim Intervention

Since the release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Greg hasn’t left his man cave and is living in an altered Skyrim reality. When Greg’s family and friends finally have enough of him missing out on real life, they must take drastic measures to convince him to stop, but will he listen?

Seriously, I don’t care what I’m addicted to, never ever ever “stage” an intervention for me, I would likely just end up hurting someone.

with a word of power, cause that’s how I roll.
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Space Invaders Extreme To The Max

224 max 500x470 Space Invaders Extreme To The Max


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