How to masterbate.

Step Eight? 😉

Come Out As Gay With George Takei

Nebraska Woman Gives the Craziest Anti-Gay Rant Ever

what the fuck is even going on here.

Harry Potter and the X-Rated Trailer

The Gentlemen’s Rant: Homophobia

Zachary Quinto Is Officially Gay

header greenshirt 500x214 Zachary Quinto Is Officially Gay

now the next question is….so what? as he mentions in his blog post, hopefully his de-closeting will help some other neophyte homosexual in their own life, but it doesn’t change my opinion of him or his acting. I just hope this doesn’t effect the Spock character at all, cause that shit with Uhura was HOT

Audience boos american soldier at GOP debate

Santorum is certainly frothy about this.

New York State Senate Passes Marriage Equality Bill

Gay Marriage March Fullwell cropped proto custom 2 New York State Senate Passes Marriage Equality Bill

The New York state Senate has approved the marriage equality bill by a vote of 33-29. 

An amendment to the bill, which carved out exemptions for religious groups, passed by a vote of 36-26.

yay for the gays!

via TPMDC.

Neil Patrick Harris’ 2011 Tony Awards Opening Number — “Broadway Is Not Just For Gays Anymore!”

Ambiguously Gay Duo

starts off slow, finished fast.


Project Wonderful