Starship Troopers: Invasion – Trailer 2012

it’s about god damn time for more starship troopers.

I’m game.

Lock & Load

Ted – Movie Trailer

Jason Statham Movie! … Rated Awesome!

Anchorman 2 in the making

Batman and Robin: The Musical

E.T. Hand with Light-Up Finger Prop Replica

ET light up hand E.T. Hand with Light Up Finger Prop Replica

"Ouch!" Now, you can ease someone else’s pain using this awesome E.T. Hand with Light-Up Finger Prop Replica! A 4-fingered glove that can fit most adult hands, this glove features an adjustable strap and even has batter activated light up finger tip! With incredible detail, this glove looks exactly like E.T.’s hand from the E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial movie, with the finger tip lighting up with pressed. It’s great, buy yours today!

via E.T. Hand with Light-Up Finger Prop Replica – NECA – E.T. – Prop Replicas at Entertainment Earth.

TED2012: Robot quadcopters perform James Bond theme

Classic Movie Scenes Subtitled For Bros

Fixing The Phantom Menace

Underneath that mound of sh*t, is there a really good movie inside Star Wars: Episode 1? Yes—and this guy managed to find it…

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Project Wonderful