I did not see a bike.

Where was the bike?!


well I had no desire to see the film before now…

Batmobile (1989 Version)

901393 press15 001 150x103 Batmobile (1989 Version)901393 press14 001 150x103 Batmobile (1989 Version)901393 press13 001 150x103 Batmobile (1989 Version)901393 press12 001 150x103 Batmobile (1989 Version)901393 press11 001 150x103 Batmobile (1989 Version)901393 press10 001 150x103 Batmobile (1989 Version)901393 press09 001 150x103 Batmobile (1989 Version)901393 press08 001 150x103 Batmobile (1989 Version)901393 press07 001 150x103 Batmobile (1989 Version)901393 press06 001 103x150 Batmobile (1989 Version)901393 press05 001 150x103 Batmobile (1989 Version)901393 press04 001 150x103 Batmobile (1989 Version)901393 press03 001 150x103 Batmobile (1989 Version)901393 press02 001 150x103 Batmobile (1989 Version)901393 press01 001 150x103 Batmobile (1989 Version)

Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys are proud to present the Batmobile Sixth Scale Collectible, inspired by the 1989 Batman movie. Fully equipped with multiple light up features, weapons, and display base, the Batmobile – 1989 Version Sixth Scale collectible measures over three feet long and makes an impressive addition to any Batman collection.

via  Sideshow Collectibles.

Morgan Spurlock’s Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope Trailer Is Out

I have never been to comicon. Nor do I wish to experience it, but by god those people look like they’re having fun.


Jimmy Kimmel Presents the Trailer for ‘Movie: The Movie’

Help animate Atomic Robo

I do like the Atomic Robo comic book series. Perhaps I might like the Atomic Robo cartoon.

more information on how you can help get it going:

Firefly Serenity 1/400 Scale Model

eb82 serenity desk model 353x500 Firefly Serenity 1/400 Scale Model

It’s no wonder, then, that a true fan of Joss Whedon’s Firefly TV Series and motion picture Serenity would have a 1:400th scale model of the beloved ship on his or her desk. 8 inches long, hand painted and cast from dozens of parts – some as small as a millimeter, her design matches the model used in Firefly down to the smallest detail. There’s even two little removable shuttles in case your on-board companion needs to take a side-trip.

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Iron Man’s Ass – Movie Poster

avengers butt poster 341x500 Iron Mans Ass   Movie Poster

Remember the big hoopla about the fact that the first AVENGERS movie poster had Scarlet Johansson’s Black Widow was showing off her T AND her A, both at the same time, and everyone was all up in arms, because really, who wants to look at that anyways, right? Well, here’s Marvel’s answer to the hoopla: Iron Man’s perfect iron butt and shiny chest, all at the same time!

‘Prometheus’ Future TED Talk

James Bond Spectre Ring 1:1 Limited Edition Prop Replica

spectre  12830 zoom 150x150 James Bond Spectre Ring 1:1 Limited Edition Prop Replicaspectre  19256 zoom 150x150 James Bond Spectre Ring 1:1 Limited Edition Prop Replica

A numbered limited edition of only 750 pieces, the SPECTRE Ring Prop Replica is showcased in a presentation box and comes with a display stand, certificate of authenticity, and prop story booklet. A 1:1 scale replica of the prop ring worn by the mysterious leader of SPECTRE #1 in the James Bond classic From Russia With Love, each ring is 18kt gold-plated, with a genuine semiprecious black-onyx stone engraved with the SPECTRE octopus design!

via James Bond Spectre Ring 1:1 Limited Edition Prop Replica | Movie Replicas Direct.

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