Soccer Goal Celebrations Made Awesome with Special FX 

Ultimate Tazer Ball

zap zap zap

Jacob Sutton’s L.E.D. Surfer

music is boring, but the visuals are pretty cool.

Impossible Is Nothing


World’s Largest Rope Swing

the most awesome rope swing ever.


Hula hooping rope climb

The Middle Finger Heard Around The World

MIA SuperbowlFinger 338x500 The Middle Finger Heard Around The World

Apparently, Middle fingers are obscene now? Is this all we have to be outraged about? I remember seeing the digital fuckup, but just attributed it to incompetence on the broadcaster, but apparently we can attribute it to moral outrage that someone moved their hand in a fashion that was obscene.

No one’s commenting on the fact that I stared at Madonna’s starred vagina for 20 minutes, and that she was spreading her legs like professional whore. I enjoyed it, and wish more women would do it, but seriously, all that and the country is having a shit fit over MIA’s middle finger? Thank god it wasn’t a boob or else the country may have exploded.

The finger in question, with the attempted censoring:

Ball Boy Does His Job. Well.


Japanese Pole Toppling

it was boring until it wasn’t, then it was awesome.

looks like something that someone would get hurt doing though.


Project Wonderful