MPAA Loses Their Collective Mind

mpaa logo MPAA Loses Their Collective Mind

MPAA to EFF on RealDVD lawsuit: you’re living in the past

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) is firing back at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) over accusations that the organization is trying to limit innovation with its lawsuit over RealDVD. The MPAA said that the EFF’s claims are “disingenuous and wrongheaded,” and that Hollywood isn’t “living in the past” like the EFF apparently is.

I can only laugh when the MPAA, who is nothing more then a collective group of technological and legal dinosaurs, claims that the EFF are living in the past.  EFF btw, stands for “Electronic Frontier Foundation” and

was founded in 1990 — well before the Internet was on most people’s radar — and continues to confront cutting-edge issues defending free speech, privacy, innovation, and consumer rights today.

This really makes me wonder what color the sky is in MPAA’s world.
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