Dog Vs Rubber Balls

21d2139 Dog Vs Rubber Balls

Koda’s owners were concerned after he suddenly started vomiting, they promptly took him to an animal hospital…


I worry about this kind of thing every day when I see my dogs/cats playing with some random thing that they somehow found. Thank god everything worked out in the end for them!

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1 thought on “Dog Vs Rubber Balls

  1. A few years ago my dog broke his lead and got into the neighbors garbage. The next morning we found some styrofoam meat packaging strewn around the property. I brought him in and kept an eye on him; by nightfall it was clear he was in trouble. We took him to an E-vet who did surgery to remove the styrofoam. The vet said another hour or two and he wouldn’t have made it. Lesson learned. You have to be as careful w/ your dog/cat/any pet as you are w/ a child.

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