Wild boar rampage in China

boarrampageG 450x300 Wild boar rampage in China


Police marksman were called in after three wild boars went on the rampage in a Chinese province.

The creatures have become more prevalent following a recent ban on hunting them, leading to shortages in food in country’s eastern Anhui province.

We were having the same problems in WV with deer and black bear,.  For the 3rd year, we’ll have a black bear season.

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2 thoughts on “Wild boar rampage in China

  1. There’s only a black bear season if there’s an overpopulation and too many man-bear encounters. For the black bear, the season is ~2 weeks long (usually the week before and after Thanksgiving) and DNR raffles off 5 hunting permits for black bear. For deer, each license allows you a certain # of deer (male and full grown). Deer season is much longer (several months), but rifle season is the same as black bear season). Each year, DNR decides if they will allow doe hunting and if they do, it follows the same process as w/ black bear. They make the decision based on the # of deer, if there’s an overpopulation they raffle off the licenses. Overpopulation is a real problem here, they kill the crops (we’re apple country here)and the # of car-deer accidents can be astounding (upwards of 300,000 last year).

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