eBay seller sues over negative feedback

eBay logo eBay seller sues over negative feedbackTit-for-tat extreme: eBay seller sues over negative feedback

As to why he filed the suit, Jones told the Telegraph that the feedback was “unfair” and “unreasonable,” and that the refund should have warranted positive feedback instead. “I’m losing money by the day and my business could go under because of it. I’ve been left with no option but to take legal action and I’m sure I’ll be successful,” Jones said.

I think he hit the nail right on the head in the quote there, but didn’t understand a key concept of the ratings system: it’s designed to warn other people of bad business on Ebay.  If you do something wrong, then yes, you should be getting negative ratings.  Sending the wrong (and damaged) item is definitely one of those wrong things.  This is one of the primary reasons that I no longer utilize Ebay.  After having several instances of the sellers trying to blackmail me into giving them positive review, I finally just gave up on the site.

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2 thoughts on “eBay seller sues over negative feedback

  1. I guess I’ve been lucky w/ Ebay. I’ve never had a problem w/ anything I’ve ordered. For the most part I only order stuff that I have real trouble finding elsewhere. Recently, Triumph motorcycle parts and the bands I needed for my 25 year old Technics turntable.

  2. I tried buying a new rivet gun there a while ago, and the item name was like Powerfast Swivel Head Pop Rivet Gun FREE SHIPPING or something, so I was like, cool, buy. But then when I went to pay there was this 3/4s of the total price shipping charge. so I raged, and the dude was like, yeah, we stopped doing the free shipping. So I was like ¦:| and then we fought and we both said things that we didn’t mean and some things that we did mean and eventually I got the dude to cancel my order.

    Ebay is a home for douches.

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