Minefield = New Firefox?

Slashdot | Minefield Shows the (Really) Fast Future of Firefox

“If you are using Firefox 3 (or even Chrome) you should consider taking a look at Mozilla’s Minefield. This browser (alpha version yet, but stable) would give a new meaning to ‘fast browsing experience.’ Some Firefox extensions aren’t supported, but riding the fastest javascript engine on the planet definitely worth a try. Minefield’s install won’t affect your Firefox, so there’s no risk trying it. It’s fast. Really. And I’m loving it.”

Reading about all these new browsers and internet programs makes me think back to why I switched from IE to FF.  I had a need to.  IE wasn’t working right, and it lacked some serious features that FF offered.  I’m happy with FF and don’t have a need to switch to another browser.  Even if the new ones is “blisteringly fast”, I’m perfectly happy with FF.

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