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Windows 7 details galore: interface tweaks, netbook builds, Media Center enhancements – Engadget

Obviously, the big news is the new taskbar, which forgoes text for icons and has new “jump lists” of app controls and options you can access with a right-click. You can select playlists in Media Player, for example. Super cool: when you scrub over the icons, all the other app windows go transparent so you can “peek” at the windows you’re pointing at.

Obviously MS has a lot banking on windows7, but I’m not seeing very much that’s adding to my XP experiences.  And that big that I quoted there is actually a game stopper for me.  No way am I going to run a machine that I have to hover over every icon to see what’s open in each program.  Please please please MS, make this eye candy crap optional.  I’ve hated it in Vista, I’ve hated it in Ubuntu, and every time I turn around everyone’s trying to slap it into their programs, sometimes without an off button.

Also: I hate transparency for windows.  Does anyone actually like/use it?  I find that it just confounds me more then it helps me.

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  1. Actually I use transparent a lot in my programs (through nvidia). When I have lots of screens going, only top one is not transparent. This was more of a problem when I didn’t have a powerful system, but now it’s no prob.

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