changegov you can believe in?

Only time will tell whether President-Elect Barack Obama will be able to deliver on his promise to bring change to government, but the Illinois senator has already brought it to the dot-gov domain. Obama’s transition Web site,, went live today, soliciting suggestions from citizens and providing a guide to the people and procedures behind the transfer of executive power.

Holy crap that was fast.  I’m impressed with the speed the site went up and the sheer amount of information that’s up there already.  Go check it out.

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  1. One of Obama’s people said that most of what is being done now have been waiting in the wings. They were just waiting for a decisive win to start implementing his administration. That certainly doesn’t detract from the speed and smoothness of his various choices this transition site. In fact, I’d say it is the sign of a leader that has been correct so far in his pre-judgments of what would be needed…and when. So, kudos to Obama.

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