8 year old boy kills his father

The boy, who faces two counts of premeditated murder, did not act on the spur of the moment, St. Johns Police Chief Roy Melnick said.

In a sign of the emotional and legal complexities of the case, police are pushing to have the boy tried as an adult even as they investigate possible abuse, Melnick said. If convicted as a minor, the boy could be sent to juvenile detention until he turns 18.

Full Article on CNN
Video with a defense attorney

Pushing to try him a an adult? An 8 year old? Are they insane?

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2 thoughts on “8 year old boy kills his father

  1. Update: Well, they charged in w/ murder for his father. They may drop the other murder charge. They’ve now shown the video of his interrogation and “confession”. No lawyer, no adult for him, just a big cop w/ a gun at his side telling the kid he’s lying.
    CNN article

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