Apparent 6th severed foot found in British Columbia

map Apparent 6th severed foot found in British Columbia

What appears to be a separated human foot inside a shoe — possibly the sixth discovered in Canada’s British Columbia in the past 15 months — has been found on a riverbank, Royal Canadian Mounted Police said Wednesday.

Before Tuesday, five feet — all inside running shoes — had washed ashore in southern British Columbia since August 2007. One of them, a right New Balance shoe, was found May 22 on Kirkland Island. That foot was determined to belong to a female, authorities said.

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What is going on up there? I first heard about this in June when the “hoax” shoe was found.

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  1. I’ve been trying to figure out what this really is. A serial killer, that sends the feet out as an announcement of his deeds? A serial killer for whom the foot has some significance? Are the original owners of the feet, in fact, dead or alive and footless somewhere. Are the police investigating and not releasing information? How many white adults have “gone missing” w/in the time frame? I wanna know, damnit!

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