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Hunter Prey centers around a crew of special forces commandos who must recapture an alien prisoner that has escaped after the military transport ship carrying it crashes on a desolate and hostile planet.

From what I understand it’s going to be a ‘practical’ movie, which is to say, it won’t be like Indiana Jones or the Star Wars prequals which were nearly 75-90% cgi.  It looks good!

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3 thoughts on “‘Hunter Prey’ images

  1. I am so, so, SO frik’n tired of science fiction plots that involve prison ships and crashing on desolate and hostile planets. That is the very sludge that is the sludge of the bottom of the sf barrel.

  2. Name three. Every raw science fiction concept is allowed three different movie incarnations within a decade. Pitch Black is the only one I can think of, with the far stretch of maybe Alien 3

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