9 thoughts on “How To Tell People They Sound Racist

  1. Oh yeah? Well good for you, because it won’t let me log in on the MCS forums. I’m having troubles logging in on the front page too, after clicking a million times it mostly works.
    Though since nobody else has been complaining, it must be me.

  2. Actually I forgot my password on MCS and the reset feature does not work (every link I am emailed goes to a 404 or such). Luckily my browser remembers my password, but only on the homepage. Sometimes it won’t let me log in unless I try several times, but I haven’t had that happen recently. Tiki, if you ever remove the username/password boxes from the homepage I’m screwed.

  3. @tiki: Well I just tried it again and it works fine now. I used to get something about an invalid token or something not found. I don’t quite remember. Also I realized that I could change my password from the profile without knowing my old one so it’s taken care of now.

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