Man charged in attack on Momoa

momoa02 Man charged in attack on MomoaGateWorld – Man charged in attack on Momoa

Stargate Atlantis co-star Jason Momoa was assaulted at a Hollywood cafe last Saturday, November 15, according to a report by the Los Angeles Times.

Momoa needed 140 stitches to his face during reconstructive surgery.

Holy craps.  I had no idea that Momoa was a bar fighter.  That picture is of Momoa btw, he plays a “bad ass” on Star Gate : Atlantis, and comes off as a mildly retarded ex boxer most of the time.  I blame that on the ST:A writers though, Momoa seems like a pretty cool guy in the ‘real world’ stuff that I’ve seen of him.

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10 thoughts on “Man charged in attack on Momoa

  1. yes they do. when I’m like “oh hey baby, wanna see my scar” and chicks are all like “oh yeah baby” and then I drop my pants and show them my ass crack scar from when I had my tailbone worked on….dammit, I lose them every time.

    I need a cool scar.

  2. Damn! I agree his character is kind of retarded but the show in general is kind of retarded. Sci-Fi ruined the Stargate series.

    I still watch it though.

    Momoa was the only male eye candy on the show. Maybe the scar will add to it.

  3. @doc: I’m not sure. I have 3 episodes sitting on my DVR that I haven’t watched yet. Wait, are you saying there aren’t gonna be anymore tv episodes of SG-A?

    @outofocus: I don’t think they’re that bad, but I do wish Sho would’ve held on to SG-1 and done SG-A as well. Ronon’s made me chuckle quite a bit in the last couple of episodes I watched.

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