Two-headed kitten – vs – 26 toed cat

twofacekittenrex 450x350 Two headed kitten   vs   26 toed cat

To the astonishment of vets, a kitten has been born in Australia with approximately double the number of heads one usually expects to find on a kitten.

yett toes Two headed kitten   vs   26 toed cat

Coco…is a polydactyl, meaning she has more claws that the average feline.
Most cats have just 18 toes, four and a ‘dew claw’ on each front paw along with another four on the back paws.

Which would you choose?

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7 thoughts on “Two-headed kitten – vs – 26 toed cat

  1. Well.. two heads means dubble amount of food goes in, dubble amount of chewing things up, dubble amount of screaming for attention…dubble amount of “play-biting” my hands..

    extra claws just means extra scratchings..and well, if you keep the cat occupied and happy you’re safe most of the time..

  2. I believe that polydactyl (a word I just learned) cats aren’t that uncommon. I’d choose the polydactyl one In the expectation that it will probably live longer. Sorry to be so gloomy.

  3. I’ve had several cats w/ extra toes. They’re the friendliest cats I’ve ever had, w/ the added bonus of not exactly cat-like grace, for laughs all around.
    Edit: I wonder what the life expectancy for a 2-headed cat would be.

  4. This just fills my head with questions… Are both faces functional? I’d suspect or hope the two inner eyes are blind, since cat brain vision center is still basically the same as all two eyed creatures so I doubt it be able to process the input from all four without actual cerebral development/evolution to match, or the vision will be hell of headache central. But maybe not. With two noses, the sense of smell would be only slightly better; just extra nostrils but the same amount of smell receptors. I’m really…curious…about the brain, I wonder if they measured the brainwaves to see if it’s in pain or retarded or whatever they might be able to tell. Is it got one or two minds? Maybe the hemispheres are slightly detached and function separately. Does it have two consciousnesses or is it just a natural Gemini? If they have two throats, the esophagi likely fork, or one side is sealed off. That would be weird; sensation of hunger, thirst and taste but no ability to swallow while the other face eats away. Likely the one face is going to be rather dumb while the other is dominant. I must know more!

  5. @sylvanish – Phew those are excellent questions.
    But a human with two faces would interest me more.
    “That would be weird; sensation of hunger, thirst and taste but no ability to swallow while the other face eats away.” – That’s seriously creepy. I mean if that’s really how it works.
    But I think, it’s very likely that the one face that can’t eat isn’t capable of feeling the sensation of hunger.

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