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Slashdot | Misdemeanor Plea Ends Norwich Pornography Case

“Almost 18 months after a pornography conviction that could have sent her to jail for 40 years was thrown out, former Norwich substitute teacher Julie Amero plead guilty to a single charge of disorderly conduct Friday afternoon. The plea deal before Superior Court Judge Robert E. Young in Norwich ends a long-running drama that attracted attention from around the world. … She had originally been charged with 10 counts of risk of injury to a minor and later convicted on four of them. … In June of 2007, Judge Hillary B. Strackbein tossed out Amero’s conviction on charges that she intentionally caused a stream of ‘pop-up’ pornography on the computer in her classroom and allowed students to view it. Confronted with evidence compiled by forensic computer experts, Strackbein ordered a new trial, saying the conviction was based on ‘erroneous’ and ‘false information.'”

She should never have gone through this.  Thank god the US has some kind of foundation that would be able to quickly and quietly settle this kind of thing.

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