9 thoughts on “Cop Chokes Photographer And Says ” I can do whatever I want”

  1. Wow, it’s so obvious this guy isn’t stable. This is why I feel like it shouldn’t be so easy for anybody to become a policeman. They should be forced to go through a psychological evaluation and other tests, and not just once but on a regular basis. If a policeman acts based on emotion, he’s obviously not doing his job correctly.

  2. My friend wanted to become an RCMP officer, and was living in Lethbridge, Alberta while going to school such; but got so frustrated by the amount of neanderthals in the program who’s honest motivation was just wanting to be able to beat people up and get away with it. I was hoping those sorts would be filtered out by the basic educational requirements of the RCMP, but apparently not. I didn’t even believe him at first until I spent a week there visiting him, and he took to me to the bars where they would go pretty much every other night to brawl. And the RCMP is so desperate for recruits it just looks the other way. These guys, that are going to be the Law, lack the skill to be successful MMA fighters, so they become cops instead!! …Power is magnetic to the easily corruptible.

  3. This (and my own experience) is why the police scare me. I had a conversation with a policeman once and he told me that the (U.S.) police-force became more violent after the Vietnam war, as the police ranks were filled by returning veterans. I wouldn’t know if that’s true first-hand, but I’ll take his word for it. I guess the only thing exceptional about the above video is the “I can do whatever I want” quote. I imagine most police would say “We can do whatever we want” instead.
    While on the subject of police vs reporters, how about that GOP 2008 convention? They apparently not only assaulted and arrested reporters covering the protests, but broke into and stole papers and computers from them *before* the convention!

  4. Cops also became more violent during the 60s because of the various civil rights marches and (sometimes) riots. The establishment was really seemed to think that the chaotic forces were taking over.

  5. Last summer I went on a back packing trip with a 20-year SWAT veteran from a major US city. For a week I was constantly being told about how our police forces need to be militarized. One time I offhandedly mentioned that I’d like to backpack around Europe some day. Upon hearing that he just exploded into a tirade about how great America is and why would you ever want to go somewhere else?! Needless to say I turned out the opportunity to go on his trip this year. Btw, the guy was just offered a job as a Blackwater instructor so I guess that really says everything.

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