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Feng Shui Compass – the world’s first guardian of the universal Qi – The Red Ferret Journal

This is apparently the world’s first Feng Shui Compass, designed to help you make accurate Feng Shui calculations as you structure your living or work area. It also comes with a built in ‘Gua Number calculator’ which will let you make fortunate decisions, find fortunate directions and avoid challenging choices in your life. It features a 1.5 inch color screen, a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery and a USB port for charging via a laptop. Fortunately it’s only $399.00.

So where’s the part where it saves you from wasting $400?

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  1. I have an ex-coworker (actually he worked from home) who bought one of those chi generators for like $1000. Whenever he’d come to a meeting he’d bring it for “good luck”. A couple weeks ago I heard he had to send it in for repairs and he wouldn’t leave his house until it got fixed.

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