McDonald’s Sued Over Woman’s Naked Buns

McDonald’s is known for its cheap meat — but after a bad trip to the burger joint, one guy’s wife allegedly became cheap meat.

mcdonalds McDonalds Sued Over Womans Naked Buns

McD’s just got served by a guy who allegedly left his cell phone — which contained nude photos of his wife — at the Arkansas restaurant, only to find the nude pics posted online.

Phillip Sherman was assured by employees they’d keep the phone safe, yet the photos — along with Sherman’s phone number and address — somehow found their way onto the Internet.

The couple claims they had to move to a new house to get away from his wife’s new stalkers. Sherman wants 3 mil for their troubles.


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4 thoughts on “McDonald’s Sued Over Woman’s Naked Buns

  1. Ah man, I was just going to submit this!

    One question tho, why would you send nude photos to a device that is intended for spreading information if you wanted to keep them private? I don’t think McDonald’s is at fault here, but rather one of their employees. Looks like the couple just sees the gold in the golden arches.

  2. @doc
    I agree. It’s really stupid to keep something so private on a cell phone. That said, an ee of McD’s promised to keep it safe and secure. Once he did that, he was speaking for the company. I’ll wager McD’s will pony up some money. 3 mil? Maybe.

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