Dad Has Teen Daughter Arrested for Punching Him

A 16-year-old Florida girl who hit her father when he tried to spank her has been charged with misdemeanor domestic battery.

An Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office report says the father told a deputy that he was attempting to spank the girl .1276827845 dad54e8e0e m Dad Has Teen Daughter Arrested for Punching Himwhen she turned around and struck him in the face with her fist.

The report said she tried to hit him several more times before leaving with friends.
Both father and daughter said the argument started over an item that had been broken. The girl said he slapped her face when she cursed at him.
She acknowledged that when he went to spank her, she punched him.

WTF? She’s charged and he’s not?
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8 thoughts on “Dad Has Teen Daughter Arrested for Punching Him

    1. It’s not the discipline, it’s the method. And these comments do reinforce the “violence begets violence” argument. In my opinion, after a certain age, spanking is counter productive.

      There are ways to get your point across with out resorting to spanking.
      I once made my niece cry just by looking at her with a very disappointed look and not speaking to her.
      And don’t send the kid to their room; send them to an empty room for their time outs.

      1. That was the general rule of my parents raising us and mine raising three boys. I’ve never been hit and neither have my kids. I thought about it a couple of times (usually concerning the youngest), but decided against it.

  1. I got about 3 face slaps my whole life from my parents. Once I deserved it. And one time, when I was about 14 I got pissed and when my mum smacked me I just left home and came back the next day just to scare her that I left home. Very dick move on my part, especially because it worked.

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