Nyokki Monkey Head Planter

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The Nyokki (named after the sound of a plant growing in Japan) are an egg-shaped species of primates cleverly adapted for living in the green environs of a jungle or in your home. Their lush rye grass hair acts as the perfect camouflage in the jungle and will add natural beauty to your desk or window sill.

Man, that name seem familiar for some reason…

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5 thoughts on “Nyokki Monkey Head Planter

  1. Damn, I typed out this long comment and it went in to intertubes and never came back out. Round 2: I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a nyokki. My original spelling nyoki means no one or no name in a Southern African dialect. I went w/ nyokki on mcs because nyoki was linked to someone else’s myspace.

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