The Cost of Legal Gun Ownership

It is a common misconception that machine guns cannot be owned by law-abiding citizens. This comes from the creation of a variety of confusing laws that have made purchasing a full-auto gun more difficult than purchasing a “normal” gun. But, if you can comply withmgt 003794 sm The Cost of Legal Gun Ownership the law, you may qualify to own a machine gun.First a brief history: In May of 1986, certain laws went into effect that made it illegal for ‘civilians’ to own fully automatic firearms that were manufacturedhk mp5a2 k633 sm The Cost of Legal Gun Ownership AFTER THAT DATE. Many fully automatic weapons manufactured, registered and tax paid BEFORE MAY, 1986, MAY BE OWNED BY AND SOLD TO INDIVIDUALS. The full-auto guns that may be owned by individuals are called ‘transferable’. Some states DO NOT allow machine gun ownership at all, no matter when the gun was made, but many states do.

This has caused the price of legal automatic weapons to become astronomical: RAMO M2 .50BMG With Mount – $31,999.99
HK 21E Shorty Beltfed Machine Gun – $29,999.99
German MP40 9MM – $19,999.99
HK MP5 A2 – $18,499.99
My question: How much does it cost to buy an equivalent weapon, manufactured after 1986, illegally?

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