Watchmen’s Running Time Gets Shorter, But Does That Matter?

watchmen new groupphoto hdrimg Watchmens Running Time Gets Shorter, But Does That Matter?

First asks ‘Watchmen’s Running Time Gets Shorter, But Does That Matter?’

To which I say, YES.  Yes it matters.  He mentions that the current time of 2hours and 43 minutes is slightly longer than The Dark Knight which was 2 hours 32 minutes.  I’m a HUGE Batman fan, but even I had trouble sitting through a movie at the movie theater for that long of a time, and this was with a ‘sure to win’ creative team.  Would I be able to sit through a longer version of a fan favorite graphic novel that I’m not 100% sure is going to be teh awesome? 

Certainly not at a movie theater.  The experience of the theater is best taken in shorter increments, topping at two hours.  Any more then that and I start to get frustrated with the talking audience, the guy eating chicken wings two rows down, the uncomfortable seats, the terrible sound, and the damn gum stuck to my shoe.

I’d be happy to see The Watchmen pruned down to 2 hours, especially if the rumored ‘Epic Edition‘ is a serious consideration.

3 thoughts on “Watchmen’s Running Time Gets Shorter, But Does That Matter?

  1. When I was a kid, movies had intermissions. It gave you a chance to get out of the seat and move around a bit, use the bathroom or buy more candy and drinks. Since movies in the last decade or so are getting longer (2+ hours), they should consider bringing back the intermission. I’m not familiar w/ The Watchmen graphic novels, but the trailers I’ve seen are impressive.

  2. I agree with the intermissions bit…the only problem being the mega theaters. we have one theater here that seats nearly a thousand people at a time 🙁 imagine the headache and heartache of leaving your seat only to find that some guy from the back of the room had stolen it.


  3. I always seem to have to go to the bathroom during a movie. The problem of losing your seat during intermission explains why non-movie theaters have assigned seats, I guess.

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