Amazon being censored next?

Virgin Killer alternate cover Amazon being censored next?

Wikipedia row escalates as internet watchdog considers censoring Amazon US over Scorpions image | Technology |

A team of four police-trained “analysts” plough through 35,000 URLs sent to them each year that are under suspicion of being obscene.

That works out to an average of 700 per week, or 140 per working day, or 35 per working day per analyst – giving each an average workload for a seven-hour day of 5 URLs per hour. Typically about one-third of the URLs are deemed illegal.

buncha pussies. 35 urls a day? 5 urls per hour? are they kidding me? I hope to god they’re not getting paid for that. I routinely view 200 urls every hour, because I’m an internet beast.

Also, the image in question is NSFW, but hardly obscene. Feel free to view it on wikipedia . (NSFW link!)

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  1. I really do not want to know what rates a 5 on the censors’ scale.
    @doc: I think (although am not clear on the details) that they came to America because a different bunch of prudes made them unwelcome in England.

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