Adults Play Video Games?

BREAKING NEWS: Adults Play Video Games!

days ago, the Pew Internet and American Life Project released a report
that details the (apparently shocking) phenomenon that about half of
American adults play videogames (53%, to be exact). Sounds about right
to me, though I just skimmed through a good dozen articles from all
over the net that are making it sound like this is some big news. I
agree with this Forbes blogger in that it isn’t the numbers that are
surprising but how surprised everyone seems to be about them (must be
that other 47%). It just goes to show how little understood gaming
really is outside of itself.

Really though, anyone
around here surprised that there’s a lot of ‘gamers’ out there?  It’s
like a ‘shocking new study’ that reveals that a good portion of the US
reads books.


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5 thoughts on “Adults Play Video Games?

  1. Well good lord. They have been around since the mid seventies. I am amazed the percentage isn’t higher. I mean when you think about it it isn’t surprising that more people play considering they effectively have created interactive movies. I mean in a way they bridged board games and movies, two of americas favorite forms of entertainment. But every new entertainment format is met with some resistance and shock when people realize that it is catching on and in some ways replacing the old formats. Kinda like when VHS/Betamax appeared. The film industry shat itself. Or how fantasy books were said to have made girls stupid or foolish.

  2. LOL wow… Almost 75% of every adult male I know plays video games, be it Madden, or Crysis… How could nobody have ever noticed this?

    With a name that sounds so much like “pew pew”, you’d think the PIALP would know better… 😀

  3. Strange. I could swear I commented on this post last night. Anyways, I’m surprised, also, that it’s only 53%. Every adult I know plays some video games, including my 72 year old mom.

  4. This is still news to people? LAWL.

    Considering how much advertising Nintendo and Game Stop have done in the last 2 years alone portraying families being involved in videogaming much in the same way family board game night took over the 50s, why would anyone be “surprised”? Even my mother, the woman who hated how much tiem I spent on Atari, now loves playing Sudoku on her PSP and just got a WiiFit for her birthday from my GRANDPARENTS.

    😛 Get with the times you fogies.

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