DreamWorks Animation Charging an Extra $5 to See 3D Movies?

DreamWorks Animation Charging an Extra $5 to See 3D Movies! « FirstShowing.net

Last week I attended a few presentations at the 3D Entertainment Summit, mainly in search of Avatar footage and a chance to chat with James Cameron. While I didn’t catch every discussion, Variety did, and they bring some very alarming news from a keynote chat with DreamWorks Animation’s Jeffrey Katzenberg. Since Christopher Campbell already tackled the more broad discussion on 3D, I’m going to focus on one specific issue that Katzenberg addressed. Katzenberg claims that the format “offers a premium experience and has the consumer paying a premium price.” That price – an extra $5 more to watch 3D movies. And starting with Monsters vs Aliens, that price change will be in effect around the country.

Oh gawd, as if the movie going experience wasn’t bad enough already.  Geez guys, what’s next?  No seats in the theater?  Standing room only viewing!

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