Halliburton Accused of Supplying Rotten Food to US Forces

Kbr Halliburton Accused of Supplying Rotten Food to US Forces

Halliburton Accused of Supplying Rotten Food to US Forces « butner blogspot

He said Halliburton and KBR ’shipped ice served to U.S. forces in trucks that had been used to carry human remains and that still had traces of body fluids and putrefied remains.’

The lawsuit says the ‘defendants burned medical waste that contained human body parts on the open air burn pit. Wild dogs in the area raided the burn pit and carried off human remains. The wild dogs could be seen roaming the base with body parts in their mouths.’

Aw, man, wtf.  Seriously?  You’re going to fuck with the one group of people in the world that have been trained in multiple methods of murdering your stupid ass?

I say ‘good luck’ if any of the soldiers get wind of whoever it was that fed them rancid food from that ice truck. 

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7 thoughts on “Halliburton Accused of Supplying Rotten Food to US Forces

  1. I don’t even know what to say. One of the many, many examples of corruption and incompetence of the Bush administration. Some corruption is expected, and most are willing to let some slide; but mix that w/ complete and total incompetence and arrogance…How did Bush/Cheney escape impeachment?

  2. Wow…wtf.

    At least some people are taking action against them with all of these lawsuits. Hopefully the right people get punished, but I won’t hold my breath.


  3. Well, KBR is no longer subsidiary of Halliburton. And Halliburton isn’t even a US company anymore, they moved to Dubai. I don’t know how Blackwater got dragged into this argument, unless that meat carried off by the dogs was murdered Iraqi. And while Bush can be blamed for a ton of shit, they really can’t micromanage a corrupt contracting firm.

    FMS knows that I’m a bleeding heart liberal like the next guy, but some of you have to stay focused. Bush did let shit like this happen by wildly contracting the Iraq war out without any oversight on those contractors. KBR is the worst of all the despicable contracting companies. They constantly overcharge the military, hire incompetent workers (like electricians that electrocute our soldiers), hire abusive subcontractors that employ 3rd world civilians for very little pay (< 5k / year, 84hr weeks), and now this shit.

  4. @Tony

    Yes, but the Bush administration hired incompetent contractors that hired incompetent workers. In the end, this all comes down on Bush (and Cheney). They are responsible for what Americans hired/contracted do in Iraq. There were major complaints about KBR and other contractors almost from the beginning and nothing happened. They’re still there 5 years later. I brought up Blackwater because it’s just another company that Bush let loose w/out any safeguards. They somehow managed to make it impossible to charge Blackwater by either the US or Iraq law.

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