Is that a baton up my butt or are you just glad to see me?

3 NYPD officers charged in subway sodomy case

A police officer warned a tattoo parlor worker that if he reported being sodomized with a baton during an arrest at a New York subway station, officers would lock him up for a felony, prosecutors said Tuesday.0070873127683124ca22d81f19b97fb3 Is that a baton up my butt or are you just glad to see me?In the most detailed narrative to date of the incident, prosecutors said Kern and Morales spotted Mineo outside the subway station smoking marijuana. When they sought to stop him, he fled into the station, jumped a turnstile, ran toward the platform and hurdled another turnstile before he was pinned down, handcuffed near a token booth and searched for drugs, they said.
With Mineo in a “helpless position” with his pants down, Kern took out a retractable baton and shoved it into the victim’s buttocks, said Assistant District Attorney Charles Guria. The baton pierced Mineo’s underwear, tore his rectum and drew blood, the prosecutor said.

All kidding aside. WTF is wrong with that cop (Kern)? At what point did he and his cohorts decide that this was a good idea and that it was perfectly fine to do this to another human being?
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