IE7 0-Day Exploit Compromising Thousands of Hosts

ie7a IE7 0 Day Exploit Compromising Thousands of HostsIE7 0-Day Exploit Compromising Thousands of Hosts

Unsuspecting users need only visit a website and they are automatically compromised by the server. The exploit code takes advantage of a flaw in the XML handling parsers in IE and a trojan is downloaded without the user knowing. Right now, this trojan is looking for passwords to certain online games, and the exploit is targeting Chinese language users. But according to Microsoft, just about everyone with IE7 is vulnerable, including Vista users.

If You are still using Internet Explorer for anything, really, do you think you should be on the internets?

2 thoughts on “IE7 0-Day Exploit Compromising Thousands of Hosts

  1. I use IE7 but I have FF installed just for cases when IE fucks up. But I haven’t been ‘pwn3d’ by it, in my opinion if you’re stupid enough to wander around suspicious sites and not have a good AV, you need to get off the internet, regardless what browser you use.

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