Von Bulow dies after 28-year coma

US heiress Martha von Bulow, who spent almost three decades in a coma but was still at the centre of 1980s courtroom dramas, has died at the age of 76.
Her second husband, Claus von Bulowdexter dalwood sunny 1 Von Bulow dies after 28 year comaHer second husband, Claus von Bulow, who is now a society figure in Britain, was acquitted of twice trying to kill her with insulin injections.

The von Bulows had been celebrating just before Christmas 1980 when Sunny von Bulow – who was then 48 and had a history of drug-consumption and heavy drinking – was taken ill in a dazed state.
Doctors concluded she had suffered brain damage that left her in a “persistent vegetative state”. Although she was kept alive on feeding tubes at an estimated cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, Sunny von Bulow never regained consciousness.

I remember these trials. It was huge at the time (along the lines of the OJ case). I was never convinced he was guilty but he is one strange dude.
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