Evangelism of the FSM

fsmchurch2 Evangelism of the FSM

We live directly across the alley from a church with a made-up religion.

I recently installed a gigantic flagpole on the Crow’s Nest (yar yar yar) of our garage and every Sunday morning we proudly fly the pair of FSM flags shown in the attached photos.

It’s our humble attempt to save the souls of each Sunday’s arriving flock of misguided Methodists. Hopefully they will look up to see the light and pass over to prefer Pasta to Pastor. Thus will they begin to Walk the True Plank, experiencing the Creamy Richness of our Hollowed Noodly One.


Bruce and Susan – Evangelism – Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

The FSM religion has always been an enigma to me, and I doubt I’ll ever be able to fully be able to figure it out.

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