73.4 Percent of All Wikipedia Edits Are Made By Roughly 1,400 People

There are millions of people who browse Wikipedia in any given month, but only 2 percent of them (roughly 1,400) are responsible for editing nearly 75 percent of the information on the entire website.
In other words, Wikipedia, while editable by anyone, is fueled almost entirely by the knowledge of a small, select group of individuals.images1 73.4 Percent of All Wikipedia Edits Are Made By Roughly 1,400 PeopleConsider them the Illuminati of Wikipedia;
they control the flow of information that often finds its way into our college essays…

The source of this startling revelation? The face of Wikipedia, Jimbo Wales.
But, [Wales] insisted, the truth was rather different: Wikipedia was actually written by “a community … a dedicated group of a few hundred volunteers” where “I know all of them and they all know each other”. Really, “it’s much like any traditional organization.”
[…] So did the Gang of 500 actually write Wikipedia? Wales decided to run a simple study to find out: he counted who made the most edits to the site. “I expected to find something like an 80-20 rule: 80% of the work being done by 20% of the users, just because that seems to come up a lot. But it’s actually much, much tighter than that: it turns out over 50% of all the edits are done by just .7% of the users … 524 people. … And in fact the most active 2%, which is 1400 people, have done 73.4% of all the edits.” The remaining 25% of edits, he said, were from “people who [are] contributing … a minor change of a fact or a minor spelling fix … or something like that.”

Really though, isn’t all reference (reputable or otherwise) material generally researched and written by a very few people? My dad wrote several articles for Everymnan’s encyclopedia as well as Brittanica and World Book (e.g. Joyce, Faulkner and Poe). So, even though you may be looking in different books and the articles would not be the same, they were all written by the same person (at different times).
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6 thoughts on “73.4 Percent of All Wikipedia Edits Are Made By Roughly 1,400 People

  1. ugh, this is yet another misunderstanding of Wikipedia by the idiots of the mainstream media. Wikipedia is not a source of original information. They have a strict policy of no original research, all they do is summarize and link to authoritative sources.

    the next person that says that Wikipedia is ‘a bad source for information’ is gonna get bitch slapped. Of course they’re a bad source for information, they never set out to be a source. They’re a good place to find sources though, the Ultimate Bibliography if you will 😉

  2. i never said it was source of information lol, and no i never donated because i knew the info was not complete from them alone. but i speak on behalf for the monkies that do donated

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