Atheist buses denying God’s existence take to streets

Atheist adverts declaring that “there’s probably no God” have been placed on 800 buses around Britain after an unprecedented fundraising campaign.god bus 460 1217010c Atheist buses denying Gods existence take to streets The campaign’s modest £5,500 target was met within minutes and more than £140,000 has now been donated Photo: PA

Organisers originally hoped to put the message on just a handful of London buses, as an antidote to posters put up by religious groups which they claimed were “threatening eternal damnation” to non-believers.
Enough money has now been raised to place the message – “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life” – on 200 bendy buses in the capital for a month, with the first ones taking to the streets .

In addition, two large LCD screens bearing the atheist message have been placed in Oxford Street, central London, while 1,000 posters containing quotes from well-known non-believers will be placed on Underground trains for two weeks starting on Monday.
They feature lines doubting the existence of God, and celebrating the natural world, written by Albert Einstein, Katharine Hepburn, Douglas Adams and Emily Dickinson.

The campaign has even been welcomed by religious groups for increasing the profile of debate about faith, and although there was tight security outside the launch event by the Royal Albert Hall, the campaigners have not received any threats from fundamentalists.

I’d lay wages that if this happened in the US, there would have been protests and worse. I’d love to see this happen here.

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