Hubble’s Mystery Flash

hubble010609 Hubbles Mystery Flash

This pair of NASA Hubble Space Telescope pictures shows the appearance of a mysterious burst of light that was detected on February 21, 2006, brightened over 100 days, and then faded into oblivion after another 100 days. The source of the outburst remains unidentified. The event was detected serendipitously in a Hubble search for supernovae in a distant cluster of galaxies. The light-signature of this event does not match the behavior of a supernova or any previously observed astronomical transient phenomenon in the universe.
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I think it’s awesome that there are still thing out there in the universe that we can see, but have no damn clue what they are or what they’re doing.

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2 thoughts on “Hubble’s Mystery Flash

  1. Both is space and in deep water. We’re starting to see things and then trying to explain them. For a while we’ve been looking for things that we think (theoretically)are are out/under there.

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