No China Release for The Dark Knight ?

Warner Bros. has decided to take a pass on releasing The Dark Knight in China, says Variety.

The studio, which has seen foreign grosses top $465 million for the film, made the disclosure in a statement Tuesday.

“Based on a number of pre-release conditions that are being attached to ‘The Dark Knight’ as well as cultural sensitivities to some elements of the film, we have opted to forego a theatrical release of the film in China,” Warner said.
No China Release for The Dark Knight – Superhero Hype!

AKA: ‘we really fucked up by being so rediculously stupid as to not have released it in China at the same time that we released it other places.  How the hell did we forget that the internet exists?  We decided to just say ‘fuck it’ because everyone that’s wanted to see it has already seen it.”

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4 thoughts on “No China Release for The Dark Knight ?

  1. They shouldn’t release it in China because China needs a time out!

    One of the things I made it a point to experience when I was in SE Asia was to seek out the illegal copies of stuff. We went to this mall in JL, Malaysia. In the front they were selling regular, legal DVDs but when we walked by the whispered to us… so we were led into a back room with tons and tons of stuff.

    It was sweet. It’s not that I couldn’t get it myself or anything but I just wanted to see. heh. I made them show me a few and some were as simply as a camcorder in the movie theater. Funny stuff.

  2. What a stupid decision. -_-

    With all the anti-Americanism in China, Chinese people ought to see a *good* Hollywood film for once, to hopefully give us a little credibility once again.

  3. It’s usually not worth the hassle.

    By law, Chinese theatres are only allowed to import six foreign movies per year; the movies that do make it in are heavily censored, and due to the (dumb) Chinese subplot in Dark Knight, about 20% of the film would have had to be cut. It would be like trying to release a movie with the line “Hitler is a moron” in Nazi Germany and not expecting there to be tons of cuts made/strings attached.

    And if the movie was released uncut … the “Haha, Chinese products suck” scene would not have made the patrons clap their hands with joy.

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