Why GM Will Still Fail

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Not that you necessarily need convincing that GM is doomed no matter how much cash is thrown at it, but here’s a cool graphic that shows all of the auto company’s problems as piles of shipping containers. The designer points out that “many aspects of this graphic can apply to the rest of the Big Three but I focused on GM since they are in the most dire position.”
Graphic: Why GM Will Still Fail

It’s a sad state of affairs, isn’t it?

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3 thoughts on “Why GM Will Still Fail

  1. I can’t help but notice that about half those problem would go away if the US had universal healthcare, which is something that give Japanese companies a significant advantage.

  2. The level of health care that the big 3 were paying for is ridiculous. Most people don’t need that level. I do, but most don’t. Laying people off but paying them 90% of their pay for a year is insane. The Japanese auto makers working here in the US are doing fine even though they’re losing almost as many sales as the US automakers. I don’t hear Toyota and Honda workers complaining about their pay and health care. Is there any particular reason auto workers should be the best paid workers among blue collar workers ( I realize that they’re not really making $70+ p/h as some have claimed)? I’m nominally a member of the AFT and hubby is a VP of AFSCME but neither of us have much love for most of what unions do. It’s something of a racket and I think they learned their tactics from the mob.

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