Proof there is no God

I was a 48-year-old virgin until I won Lotto

PETER COLLIER and his brother Ian had never lived apart from their mother until she died.
Peter had never even dated a woman – until he and Ian scooped £8.5million on the Lotto.
Now Peter has left the home filled with memories of his mum and is preparing to marry Donna, the careworker who nursed her in her final days.
Here, Peter tells of his big win for the first time and hits back at the gossip about the woman he loves.

APPROACHING his mid 40s, Peter Collier could only boast of having loved one woman – his MOTHER.
The sheet metal worker and his brother Ian worshipped the ground their mum Grace walked on and could think of no reason to break the intense bond between them.

Peter says: “I just never felt I could leave my mum and break that bond. We were happy in our three-bedroom council house.
“She was the most loveable, kind-hearted woman you could ever meet. It never occurred to me to look for anyone else.”
But old age was beginning to get the better of Grace and after a fall in January 2004 her health began to deteriorate.
Concerned about meeting the costs of the care their mum needed, the brothers bought a Lotto ticket and, on February 14, they hit the jackpot of £8.5million. Peter, of Milton Keynes, Bucks, says: “I remember being in the kitchen of our council house when Ian checked the numbers but it didn’t sink in at all.”

The Sun
No God of mine would allow such a thing.

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