Showing off unlicensed AR-15 on youtube? Video used as evidence


YouTube videos of a Victoria man blasting a couch with an assault rifle in the woods near Jordan River were entered as evidence in a trial yesterday in B.C. Supreme Court.

The showing of “AR-15 Makes Swiss Cheese Out of a Couch” is the first time the Crown in B.C. has used YouTube videos to prove a number of allegations, prosecutor Nils Jensen told Justice Robert Metzger in his opening statement. The video has been removed from YouTube.

Darcie Kate McNeill and Brian Lynn Morrison are charged with a number of prohibited and dangerous weapons offences. These include use of a prohibited weapon in a careless manner near Jordan River in 2007 and possession of a loaded Colt AR-15 rifle — the equivalent of an M16 assault rifle — without a licence or registration certificate. The offences are alleged to have taken place between Oct. 31 and Nov. 7, 2007.
Idiot shows off unlicensed AR-15 on youtube. Video used as evidence. | The Firearm Blog

Repeat after me: when committed felonies, do not record them on video and post them to a worldwide audience.

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  1. The videos were not posted to you-tube until AFTER police had already seized the hard drives containing the videos. Morrison was already in custody when copies of the videos were uploaded.

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