Are you raising a douchebag?

Alas, convenient as it might be, we can’t blame the children. “There’s no such thing as a spoiled gene,” says parenting expert Michele Borba, author of Don’t Give Me That Attitude! “The brat factor is all learned.” Which means that if you’re the dad pushing Junior around in a limited-edition Bugaboo stroller by Bas Kosters ($2,000), carrying a Louis Vuitton diaper bag ($1,380), and checking in at a members-only parenting club like Citi-babes in Manhattan (annual membership: $2,000), your offspring are probably developing some serious entitlement issues. Just read the news. The Wall Street Journal recently reported on the rise of sixth-grade “fashion bullies” who terrorize peers who don’t wear Junior Dolce & Gabbana. Then there was the New York Times article on youngsters—4-year-olds!—who fancy themselves collectors of highly coveted works of art.

My kids are going to have to work their asses off if they ever want something. Same way I did.


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2 thoughts on “Are you raising a douchebag?

  1. I know people like that. Most of them chose to wait before having kids and think they have it all figured out…until they try to make it work. Also, many of them are divorced or never married. It’s just them and the kid. I don’t think they understand the kind of sacrifice required and and the expected result. Our job is to raise them so they can act as fully functioning”adults in society and to be emovionally and mentally competent.2 Keep that in mind and the choiqes aren’t so difficult. My SIL loves to say :When is it my tur~?”. My answer? When you’re do~e. If you do your job well, it5ll be somewhere around 18 years<

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