Indie 103.1 Goes Off the Air to Keep Integrity – Damn the Man!

Wow! You know Indie 103.1 is probably the closest we’ll ever see to a real life Empire Records? Anyone who lives in LA, knows that this is probably one of the best radio stations to listen to. They are known for playing great music, from great musicians no matter what the artists status or income. I have always wondered how they avoided the corporate radio BS that all the other stations have given into. Apparently, they have had to deal with the same problems, only instead of giving in they have decided to keep their Indie integrity and go off the air.
As of NOW Indie 103.1 will cease broadcasting immediately and take their music to the Internet, where real music belongs!
Damn the man! Check out the message just posted on Indie’s website…

This is an important message for the Indie 103.1 Radio Audience –

Indie 103.1 will cease broadcasting over this frequency effective immediately. Because of changes in the radio industry and the way radio audiences are measured, stations in this market are being forced to play too much Britney, Puffy and alternative music that is neither new nor cutting edge. Due to these challenges, Indie 103.1 was recently faced with only one option — to play the corporate radio game.
We have decided not to play that game any longer. Rather than changing the sound, spirit, and soul of what has made Indie 103.1 great Indie 103.1 will bid farewell to the terrestrial airwaves and take an alternative course.
This could only be done on the Internet, a place where rules do not apply and where new music thrives; be it grunge, punk, or alternative – simply put, only the best music.
For those of you with a computer at home or at work, log on to and listen to the new Indie 103.1 – which is really the old Indie 103.1, not the version of Indie 103.1 we are removing from the broadcast airwaves.
We thank our listeners and advertisers for their support of the greatest radio station ever conceived, and look forward to continuing to deliver the famed Indie 103.1 music and spirit over the Internet to passionate music listeners around the world.

I wish DC101 had done the same thing. Gawd I hate Clear Channel.

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